Intentional Community

About intentional communities...

Community Frameworks Tiny Homes White Paper, March 2015

Shared Equity Homeownership as an Affordable, Sustainable Choice, blog post from Tent City Urbanism

The National Community Land Trust Network provides research, advocacy, education, and support for its members to support permanently affordable access to land, homes, and community assets.

Cohousing, the Cohousing Association of the United States, with a lot of great info on creating and living in cohousing.

Fellowship for Intentional Community, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cooperative culture.

6 Guidelines to Start a Successful Community from the Valhalla Movement

Los Angeles

Exodus Tiny Home community

THRIVE LA – intentional community for homeless veterans - intentional community for homeless veterans

Delta Bay - Tiny-friendly RV community in California Delta, about half day drive from L.A.


Tent Makers Inc.

Lemon Cove is a Tiny Home village in CA, population 350 

  • Escondido (San Diego)  
  • Open mid 2016
  • Article about Habitats

Manufactured Housing Community in Ojai & Tehachapi

Out of State Communities

Llamalopolis - Las Vegas, NV

The Heart House Tiny Village – Marlin, WA   

 The Tiny House community/RV park in Orlando, Florida grew to eleven Tiny Houses.  

The Greater Bemidji Area of Minnesota has thought through these issues and adopted a PUD approach for tiny-home subdivisions (§1101.F) 

Stone’s Throw Ecovillage (an ecovillage in Wisconsin)

Whispering Aspen Village - Fairplay, CO

Created as alternatives to homeless camps

Quixote Village in Olympia, Washington

Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon

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