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Out of state intentional communities  

Out of state Tiny-friendly communities  


Intentional communities

As a secondary dwelling unit  

  • Fresno, CA – have made Tiny Homes considerable as “backyard cottages” and included these in the zoning bylaw   

  • Tiny Houses classified as cottages on wheels allowed to be parked in yards when used as a caregiver dwelling…if the homeowner needs assistance in the following CA areas: 

    • Alameda 

    • Contra Costa 

    • Lake 

    • Mendocino 

    • Napa 

    • Sacramento 

    • Sonoma 

RV parks that allow Tiny Homes 

 Los Angeles   

Intentional Communities

Mobile home parks 

  • Orange Grove Mobile park in Covina, CA - (626)966-0811 

  • Eagle Rock Springs Mobile Home is Tiny House friendly - 5051 Argus Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90041    

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