Reclaimed Materials

Tiny House Chat episode: 

  • Ryan notes that reclaimed materials can be a hassle, a lot of work, and not necessarily dependable. Macy thinks using some reclaimed materials is great for the budget  
  • Used reclaimed materials most likely shouldn’t be used in structural components of the house, but new reclaimed materials would work (i.e. surplus lumber from a construction company)  
    • Structural components: stud, sheathing, roof, trusses, hurricane ties, lug bolts, strapping, fasteners, nails, screws 
  • Critical system components that aren’t easily accessible should also be new 
    • Plumbing, electrical wiring, electrical outlets 
  • What are good components to use reclaimed materials for? 
    • Cabinets, flooring, siding 
  • Windows may work reclaimed, but should consider that tempered windows are important, especially if transporting the house 
    • Tempered = won't shatter everywhere if broken 
  • Pallets are made of the lowest quality lumber and often treated with chemical products; even if washed, something nasty might have spilt on them. Don’t put them inside. Don’t use them for anything structural. They take a lot of time to rework to make usable. 
  • Make connections within the building industry to get deals, to get those leftovers 

ReStore – Habitat for Humanity  

Teresa Baker