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Avoiding regulations  

Bylaws & ordinances - Los Angeles  

Height restrictions  

Small Lot Codes from

Second Dwelling Unit (SDU) Codes

SDU Codes for LA County 

  • Second unit ordinance   

  •  Los Angeles Municipal Code Sections 12.24 W.43 and 12.24 W.44 of Chapter 1, regarding SDUs

SDU Codes for CA 

  • AB1866 State housing policy concerning second dwelling units   

  • California Government Code §65852.2  

  • SB1069- State Senator Wieckowski’s legislation, among other measures, eliminates all setbacks for existing units as long as the building is deemed safe, eliminates covered parking requirements for the primary structure as long as some parking is provided for secondary unit.

  • Update to second dwelling unit legislation – state assembly   

  • AB 2299 - Secondary Units (“Granny Flats”) 

    • This bill will require, rather than allow, a local government to adopt a secondary unit ordinance and to limit the local government’s ability to apply certain standards, including where parking requirements could be imposed. This bill will allow the development of second units as a way to increase the housing supply while ensuring that they are properly approved. 

  • The Council File # is CF 14-0057-S8 

Pasadena SDU Codes

Bylaws, ordinances, guidelines (in other states)  

Regulatory standards (National/State recognized) 

  • ANSI - ANSI provides comprehensive building standards for Tiny Homes on Wheels (and other things in this world).  ANSI is nationally recognized and is the standard of the State of California. Requirements found in this Standard (either directly or by reference) include sections covering electrical, plumbing, structural, heating & AC, fire, and life safety issues. California holds enforcement powers over the Tiny Homes/Park Trailers sold or produced in their state and verify compliance with the A119.5 Standard.

  • State of California Informational Bulletin on Tiny Homes   

  • Nonprofit agency Pacific West Associates, Inc. is an appointed third party inspection agency qualified either by being appointed by two or more state agencies of government to conduct A119.5 Standards inspections.   

  • International Building Code provides standards for conventional built dwellings

  • NFPA - National Fire Protection Association   

  • NEC - National Electrical Code

  • NHTSA - National Highway & Transportation Safety Association 

Regulations for contractors/builders of Tiny Homes – see Contractors 

Regulations for Mobile Homes 

  • US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development covers homes exceeding 400 square feet but is on a chassis, categorizing the product as a Manufactured Home   

  • Mobilehome Parks Act ("MPA")

    • Oversees installation & approval for manufactured homes (over 400 sq feet but on a chassis)

RV regulatory bodies 

  • Recreational Vehicle Industry Association 

Self-certification/DIY standards for THOWs 

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