Secondary Dwelling Unit

Los Angeles


  • cityLAB, founded in 2006 as a think tank within UCLA's Department of Architecture and Urban Design, is concerned with contemporary urban issues, urban design, and the architecture of the city. Specifically, cityLAB explores the challenges facing the 21st century metropolis through research and design, expanding the possibilities for our cities to grow more livably, sustainably, and beautifully. 

Presentation “TINY is the next BIG thing” by  

  • Available on American Tiny House Association website or click here to download ppt
  • Tiny Houses as Second Dwelling Units – presentation to Ventura
  • Shows THOW as secondary dwelling unit – good for showing city counsellors or neighborhood counsellors 
  • Difference between THOW and RVs 
  • Benefits of THOW to community and user 
  • THOW should be allowed as secondary dwelling units 
  • Example zoning & building codes to follow  

Prospects of Tiny Houses as secondary unit/laneway housing in Vancouver

How SDUs affect property tax   

Parking a secondary dwelling unit – see Parking 

Zoning for secondary dwelling unit - see Zoning  

Teresa Baker