Vacation rentals

  • Colorado: Wee Casa, a tiny house hotel in Lyons. 
  • Florida: AirBnB tiny house at the Orlando Lakefront Tiny House Community & RV park. 

  • Maryland: Blue Moon Rising, an eco-tourist retreat on Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. Cabins, most built by Hobbitat, are 275 to 400 square feet and can accommodate four people. 

  • New Hampshire: Getaway House from Harvard's Millennial Housing Lab, is a tiny overnight cabin complete with a shower and composting toilet, plus "getaway provisions" (snacks, meals, and activities) for an additional charge. 

  • Oregon: Portland Garden Cottages, in the Mississippi Historic District of Portland, Oregon, are sometimes available for rent. There are two, each 364 square feet. Minimum stay: one month. 

  • Oregon: Caravan, a tiny house hotel in Portland 

  • Oregon: Tiny Digs, another tiny house hotel in Portland 

  • Oregon: Mt. Hood Village, one of the Thousand Trails RV Parks, offers a collection of five Tumbleweed tiny houses for nightly rent in Mt. Hood. 

  • Wyoming: Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole in Wilson, Wyoming provides an opportunity to stay over in a tiny house built by Wheelhaus

Teresa Baker