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For our LATCH Learners - we do co-building every weekend and schedule tool orientations regularly on Saturdays.

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Virtual Tiny House Enthusiast Social
May 28th 2019
7 pm

call in from home virtually

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June 11 - Tools Tools Tools!
A discussion on what tools you will need to start your tiny house building journey, along with tips for saving money on your tool purchases and how to tap into the tool sharing community. 

For subscribed LATCH Learners only.

June 25 -  Plumbing Basics 
This workshop will introduce the basics of plumbing in terms of design, installation, and upkeep of your home. We will discuss theory as introduce hands on skills for working with PEX, brass, copper, pvc, galvanized, and ABS. Set aside fears and empower your inner DIY plumber!

Open to the public - watch your inbox for registration coming soon!

July 2 - Roofing Options for Tiny Homes
A discussion on the pros and cons of the many options for roofing a tiny house, and some important considerations for the design of your roofing system. Plus, a tour of a tiny house roof-in-progress and the opportunity to gain hands on skills!

For subscribed LATCH Learners only.

July 9 - Legally Living Tiny, a Webinar
This webinar will help you to understand the basics of codes and zoning and the different parking options available for tiny homes, with helpful references to the current codes and zoning within Los Angeles and California. This information is crucial for anyone considering the Tiny Lifestyle!

Open to the public - watch your inbox for registration coming soon!

!!!         SPECIAL EVENT      !!!!
July 19, 20, 21 - LATCH Co-Build Camp!

Join us for the adult summer camp made JUST for you! Adventures in tools, framing, window installation plus multiple workshop sessions to choose from! Your camp counsellors are DIY builders with their own tiny house building projects. Meet friends, build skills and confidence, and have fun at a weekend you won't forget!



July 30 - Building Process  & Project Management
If you’re interested in building your own home, planning and project management skills are essential! Join us for a discussion of how to plan and time manage your housing project.

For subscribed LATCH Learners only.

August 13 - Low Waste Lifestyle
Are you interested in reducing the amount of waste you produce? Join this discussion on reducing, reusing, recycling, composting, and transitioning into a low-waste lifestyle

For subscribed LATCH Learners only.