+ What does LATCH stand for?

Los Angeles Tiny CoBuilt Homes

+ What does LATCH do?

LATCH Collective is a support network for DIY Builders and Tiny House Enthusiasts. We organize opportunities for sharing and receiving skills, knowledge, experience, tools and support. We also advocate for increased housing options in Los Angeles, specifically for spaces that are affordable, sustainable, well-designed and safely built.

Our services include:

  • Hands on tiny house building opportunities
  • Education on a multitude of tiny house related topics through workshops and webinars
  • Tiny House Trailers and Custom Cold-Formed Steel Framing
  • Support through community
  • Digital database of tiny house resources
  • A network of professional referrals

+ When is your next event?

We have workshops and webinars at least once a month, but usually more often! Check out our upcoming events at latchcollective.com/events

+ Can I come and see a tiny house?

Our subscribed LATCH Learners have the ability to visit tiny homes in our Collective each weekend during co-builds! Subscribe today.

+ Can I come and help build a tiny house?

Yes! We offer opportunities to get your build on each weekend - subscribe as a LATCH Learner for access to co-builds.

+ I have no prior experience in construction - can I still participate in co-building?

Yes! We welcome all skill levels. Keep in mind that attending a tool orientation may be required before using some power tools.

+ How do co-builds work?

LATCH DIY Builders who are working on their own projects schedule co-builds on Saturdays or Sundays. The location and work being done at co-builds will vary as will the sign up times, this is at the discretion of the DIY Builder. At your first co-build, you will need to fill out an emergency contact form and a general safety form. To participate in the co-builds you are required to have health insurance. We offer tool orientations; however, it is not a prerequisite to sign up for co-builds. Co-builds are for DIY Builders and LATCH Learners, as there is paperwork and safety involved, friends and family are not allowed at co-builds unless they are also LATCH Learners. Thank you for understanding.

+ Do I need health insurance to participate?

All participants in our co-builds are required to have health insurance. However, it is not required to have health insurance to attend a workshop.

+ Where can I put a tiny house?

This is an important consideration! Please browse our Locating Your Home webpage.

+ Do you build tiny homes that I can purchase?

No. We are a support network for DIY builders. We do have a network of professionals, some of whom are professional tiny house builders. We do offer trailers, steel framing, and tiny house kits through TrailerMade Trailers. Fill out a request form.

+ I don’t live in Los Angeles - is there a LATCH Collective affiliate in my city?

We are the one and only LATCH Collective and do not have any affiliates. We encourage you to get together with your local tiny house enthusiasts / industry leaders to determine how you may work together to offer support to your local tiny house community.

+ How do I get involved in the community?

Becoming a LATCH Learner is the best way to become involved if you are interested in getting to know other tiny house enthusiasts, attending workshops/ webinars that help you further your understanding of tiny houses, and/or developing your tiny house building skills.

Or, offer your support, skills and knowledge to the community by becoming a Professional Associate.

Co-op membership is the next step up Active LATCH Learners and Professional Associates are eligible to apply for co-op membership. Co-op members are co-owners of LATCH Collective and are actively involved in providing LATCH Collective’s services.

+ What are the benefits of becoming a LATCH Learner?

  • Free access to most LATCH Collective workshops
  • Access to exclusive latch collective events plus other event discounts
  • Tool orientation
  • Exclusive hands on building opportunities
  • A spot on the LATCH Builder wait-list
  • Discounts on LATCH Collective Merchandise
  • Discounts on TrailerMade Products
  • Access to a digital database of Tiny House Resources

+ How much does a subscription cost?

Our LATCH Learner subscription is affordable at $60 for 6 months or $105 for a year. We also encourage teaming up with a friend or family member and purchasing an Annual Family Subscription for $180.

A Professional Associate Subscription is currently $50 annually and allows you a space on the LATCH website and promotion during our events as we pass out your business card.

+ How can I build my home with LATCH Collective?

If you are currently building or would like to build a tiny house, let us know. We may be able to find you a rental build space. You can become a DIY builder, and receive training on how to host co-builds, allowing you to access a pool of volunteer DIY builders and offering you support in the process. Fill out this form to let us know of your interest.

I’m interested in vans, schoolbus conversions, shipping containers, etc. Is there any benefit to me to get involved with LATCH? Yes! We have multiple community members working on these types of projects - come and meet others who can be your support network. Many topics of our workshops are applicable to any DIY housing project.

+ Where are you located?

We are a Los Angeles based organization. We have workshops throughout Los Angeles - check out our upcoming events.

+ Who owns LATCH Collective?

LATCH Collective is cooperatively owned and managed! Those who use our services are able to apply for co-ownership of our business. We currently have 12 owners and have equal voting rights in the company.

What is the difference between LATCH Learner and LATCH member? A LATCH Learner is a subscriber to LATCH Collective’s services. A LATCH Member is a co-op owner - they are part owner within the LATCH Collective coop. Often, LATCH Members have LATCH Learner subscriptions because they desire to access LATCH Collective’s services.

+ What are the benefits of becoming a co-op member?

  • Labor sharing - coop members receive co-building help with their home.
  • Supplemental income - through the year there are opportunities to earn supplemental income for coop members.
  • Democratic control - coop members have their needs and ideas heard, and vote for our leadership positions or run for one!
  • Share profit - profit made by the collective is distributed each year based on the tracked time each member has contributed to completed tasks
  • Pride!

+ Who can become a co-owner of LATCH Collective?

Any active professional associate or LATCH Learner who has attended 1+ workshop, 1+ co-build, and 1+ general meeting.

+ What are the responsibilities of co-op membership?

Earn at least 30 LATCH Credits each month, which equates to 2-4 hours of working to complete tasks that grow and support our organization.

+ How can I stay up-to-date or involved in advocacy efforts to legalize more tiny house living options?

Subscribe to the Tiny Advocacy Network newsletter.

+ Do you accept donations of building materials?

This depends. Often there is someone in our community building a project that appreciates the supplies, but not always! We welcome all with excess materials they do not need to email latchcollective@gmail.com

+ Do you sell merchandise?

Yes! We have T-Shirts as well as bumper stickers! These are available at our in-person events.

+ How do I follow you on social media?

Twitter @LATinyHouses

Facebook @LATCHCollective

Instagram @LATCH_Collective

YouTube @LATCHCollective

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