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We are a collective of many, sharing interests in alternative housing solutions.

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Isabelle Larue

Isabellle  can help you design efficient interior spaces!

she's a building engineer who’s part Martha Stewart, part MacGyver, with a passion for efficient use of space. Isabelle has years of experience designing solutions for transforming small rental apartments into more beautiful, livable and functional homes with DIY projects. She designs and builds everything on her own and shares how she does it on her blog and award winning YouTube show called Engineer Your Space, reaching millions of people all over the world. Fascinated by tiny homes, Isabelle recently designed her first tiny house after years of studying this type of housing and developing her own unique “Nimble Design” approach. She also had the opportunity to take part in SMUD’s inaugural tiny house competition as a “Home Life” judge, focusing on the livability of the tiny home designs.

Skills, Experiences, Areas of Knowledge
Over a decade of designing and building projects and engineering spaces to make them more functional and beautiful.

 Education, Credentials
Building Engineer, Interior Designer


Kevin Beck

Skills, Experiences, Areas of Knowledge
Green building, passive solar design,  energy efficiency, heating, LEED standards, shells, building envelopes, multi-family homes.

Education, Credentials
Recognition as LEED rater,  Adjunct professor at LA Trade Tech College, Super Proctor/Trainer, Shell Specialist,  California HERS Compliance and Whole House Home Energy Rater, National Comfort Institute CO Analyst, Contributing Editor Home Energy Magazine, Build it Green Rater, GreenPoint Rater,  Certified BPI.


Kevin can educate and inspire us to build healthy, energy efficient homes!

Mr. Beck has been in California's residential construction industry for over thirty years. He has worked with Energy Auditors, Building Performance Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Building Owners, and Public Servants to advocate for healthy, energy efficient homes since he was first introduced to Green Building in the mid 1990’s. He was one of the first Certified Green Building Professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and in 2004 he successfully converted and dedicated his contracting company to Green Building, and high-performance with an emphasis on testing and commissioning to verify system performance. Since then, he has helped many architects, builders and homeowners make their homes more comfortable, healthier, and energy efficient. He specializes in home performance and green building technology training and educating with a focus on preventing and resolving problems related to building design, construction, and operation. 


Frank Wutz

Skills, Experiences, Areas of Knowledge
Wood working, furniture making, painting, home repairs.

Education, Credentials
Mostly self-taught, post secondary wood work training.

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Hire Frank as your handyman, painter or custom furniture maker!

Frank has made tables, desks, cabinets, chests, and other fine art pieces, as well as having construction experience building garages, sheds and even ships. He ran a handyman business for 3 years, doing home repairs including electrical, plumbing, hanging doors and laying floors, as well as a house painting business.  Developing his skills beyond painting homes, Frank is also an oil painter and has sold several pieces (view his art at He's now focused on helping children build their own creations by providing engineering help at an after school wood working club and at camps. In essence, Frank enjoys working with his hands!


Henry Tseng

Skills, Experiences, Areas of Knowledge
Architecture and interior design, especially focused in minimalism, reductionist, and zen concepts. 

Education, Credentials
5 year B. Arch from Cal Poly Pomona.
5 years of working experience in architecture and interior design both within the USA and abroad with a specialty in small and efficient spaces.

Contact Information

Hire Henry to design your zen home!

Henry is passionate about design that highlights simple and pure aesthetics with a focus on materials and connection to nature. He can help you when your spark of inspiration hits by starting with conceptual sketches and design development schemes; to then ironing out your building drawings and details; and all the way to the final completion of your design.

While working in Japan, Henry was able to observe first-hand how other people adapted to the limits of space, and learning to see these conditions not as drawback but as opportunities for limitless design possibilities. It was there that he began to really understand design, life, and our place in it.  This experience abroad was profoundly influenced by Zen and its strict observance to simplicity and purity.

Community Member Spotlight


Meet Ivette!

Ivette joins us as a member from the Big Apple! She dreams of enjoying greater financial freedom in her tiny house and gardening her day away. To make her dreams a reality, she plans on moving west and connecting to the culture, arts, environmentalism and WARMTH Los Angeles offers.

With LATCH Collective, Ivette hopes to build both community and her tiny home, and benefit from being a part of this network of like-minded people. Other sources of inspiration for Ivette include tiny home builder Anna White, as well as her son.





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