1 year family LATCH Learner subscription

1 year family LATCH Learner subscription


This annual LATCH Learner subscription gives families the most value for their dollar, at only $15 a month (paid upfront) for up to 2 adults and 3 children. Upon your purchase you will have access to the following LATCH Learner benefits.

a.    Access to members only portion of the LATCH Collective website.*

b.    Access to digital resource library, available at http://latchlibrary.com/

c.     Voting rights on certain aspects of how LATCH Collective is run.*

d.    Discounted access to LATCH workshops and events .

e.    Access to exclusive LATCH Learner events / support nights.

f. A place on the build site wait list, which reserves you a spot when you're ready to begin your build, when a build site spot is available.

g.      Power tool safety orientation and training, when available (usually every second Saturday).

h.     Hands on experience building tiny homes (usually every Sunday).

i.     Discounts on affiliate products and services.

k.       Participation in the  Labor Exchange Program.

l.       Eligibility to take on leadership positions.

*Subject to change once we convert into a cooperative, as certain benefits will only be available to members of the cooperative.

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