13 Oct 2016

Hello, Tiny House Enthusiasts! 

Fall has been a full month! Thank you to everyone who came out to the Design Share on October 6th! It was fun to share our dream homes and see some creative designs. There were many new faces as well – welcome to our network! Funds raised from the event will support this network’s advocacy efforts! Come out to the next Tiny Advocacy Network meeting on October 22nd at 4pm, Arts District Brewery, to be part of the discussion on what we can do with these funds.  

This Saturday, Sacramento is hosting a Tiny House Design Share contest. If you’re considering a road trip or flight up, introduce yourselves to others around LA going on this meetup event. Be sure to take pictures and notes to share with us, and say hello to Dan Fitzpatrick (American Tiny House Association California Chapter Leader) and Alexis & Christian from Tiny House Expedition!  

If you’ve ever considered living in a Tiny House Community, dreamed up what your ideal intentional community would be like, or have already started organizing for this type of development, you should most definitely join us for a Panel Discussion on Intentional Communities on October 22nd, 2pm – 4pm. Share your ideas and connect with those of others, and form a better idea of what it would take to start this type of community. Get your $5 tickets for admission here.  

If you’re a part of the Facebook world, and you love tiny homes, chances are you’re one of the 30,000+ people in the “Tiny House People” group, and know of Macy Miller. Macy, who’s been living with her family in her tiny home in Boise, Idaho for many years. A few days ago, Macy received a notice of code violation from her city (who investigated due to a complaint from a neighbor) and has been given 20 days to remove her tiny home. This is an important reality check for how important Tiny House Advocacy work is, as living under the radar (i.e. living illegally because of limited legal options for tiny living) is not the best option for many who don’t want to deal with a stressful eviction situation like Macy’s. To understand how to live within Los Angeles’ legal boundaries, you can check out LATCH Collective’s resource for legally living tiny in LA, which is also on our Advocacy page. 

Here are 3 things you can do this week to advocate for better tiny living options in Los Angeles!  

  1. Sign the petition to support changes to the International Residency Code to include an appendix for tiny houses that will create tiny friendly codes for ceiling heights, sleeping lofts, egress and more, making a legitimate code at this higher level which municipalities could easily adopt. You can listen to Andrew Morrison explain more about this change on Tiny House Expedition radio.  Sign the petition now!  
  2. Start the Conversation with your municipality! Send an inquisitive email to your municipal leader and urban planner and share with them your goals for living tiny. Ricky Brown did just this, and has the interest of Santa Clarita staff who will meet with her in the next week. I’ll be attending the meeting for support, and can support you as well! On our TAN spreadsheet, there’s a new tab with a guide on how to approach city staff. Be sure to check out this step-by-step, and make notes on communication outcomes within the spreadsheet under your municipality’s tab.  
  3. VOTE for the Patrick McCaffrey Foundation in the LA2050 contest if you want to see tiny house villages AND a workshop space for co-building tiny homes right here in LA County! Makes a Village and LATCH Collective have collaborated on a proposal for using $100,000 for tiny living in LA County! Having concrete spaces for building and for living in tiny homes will have a huge impact on public awareness and leadership support. LATCH Collective will act as a hub for Tiny House Advocacy. Plus, these spaces will help you to achieve your own tiny dreams! Winners are chosen by the public – that means YOU and anyone in the USA! View the submission and vote here starting October 18th.  

With the big November 8th election coming up, we encourage you to find a reason to vote beyond the never-ending scandals bubbling out of our presidential candidates. Remember that your ballot will be full of local measures that will directly affect your life in LA! Get informed on what’s what on this ballot. Many in our network endorse Measure M – a game-changing transit initiative affecting LA County that will improve free-way efficiency, add many new rail lines, and grant funds to municipalities to improve their local transit initiatives like bike lanes, bus lines, and of course those nasty potholes, all in exchange for a tiny increase in local sales tax. Share this information with your friends and family so they can also be informed.  

A few more things… 

  • Want to make sure you’re not missing out on news from previous newsletters? You can now view them here.  
  • Remember to review your personal information on our Tiny Advocacy Network spreadsheet to confirm it is complete/correct!  
  • If you have any updates on tiny house advocacy related information and don’t feel like navigating the spreadsheet, email LAtinyhousescommunity@gmail.com!  

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and enjoy the many moments to come.  

Tessa Baker
Tiny Advocacy Network  
LATCH Collective Co-founder
American Tiny House Association State Chapter Leader 

Teresa Baker