14 Nov 2016

Tiny house enthusiasts - do you desire increased options for legally living in tiny homes?

If so, we need you to act this week! 

From November 8th – November 21st,  regional members of the International Code Council (ICC) will be voting to either approve or dismiss the proposed tiny house appendix for the International Residency Code. Many voting members will not be fully aware of tiny homes and of the benefit of having recognized standards to build to. We need you to reach out to your city’s Building & Safety department and tell them about this vote! 


We all need to act now.

If this does not get approved, we will have to wait until the next approval cycle and will not have an opportunity to have tiny house building codes available at this national level until 2020. 

Your efforts truly are necessary… 

A committee in the LA area has recommended its voting members to DISAPPROVE the tiny house appendix. This is not good, as voting members will likely follow this recommendation if they have nothing else to go off of. We need to help voting members become more aware of the full picture and give them reasons to why they should approve the tiny house appendix.


1.  Click on this link for a list of Building & Safety inspectors/officers to contact in your City. 

The list is not fully complete, but you can also search your municipality's website for this information. 

2.  Write an email to your City’s building code inspector/officer, and C.C. your mayor and city council member. 

You can download this draft email written by Andrew Morrison, who is leading the charge in advocating for this tiny house appendix. Please also add your thoughts on why this code will be helpful to you!

3.  Call your city’s Building & Safety department. If no contact is available on the list provided in #1…

- Call your city's building and safety department / building division.
- Ask to be redirected to the building code enforcer or head building inspector.
- Have a conversation about your interest in tiny homes and how having tiny homes and how this code is crucial for building these efficient structures safely.
- Even if they are not voting members of the ICC, urge them to spread the word about how useful the Tiny House Appendix would be...  Refer to resources below for talking points!

4.  Call your local elected official!

- Introduce yourself and your interest in tiny homes.
- Introduce the topic of the International Code Council voting on a tiny house appendix for the International Residency Code, which will help municipalities have a framework for building small & tiny homes to code.
- Urge him/her to reach out to their building inspector and/or building code enforcer to discuss the tiny house appendix. 

Thank you so much for your support.
 Please share this call-to-action and let us know on social media how your efforts go!

Teresa Baker