19 Sep 2016

Hello Tiny House Enthusiasts!

We’ve had a great few weeks at the LA County Fair hanging at the Makes A Village booth, reaching new people interested in Tiny living in LA, informing them of the perks but also barriers to living Tiny legally, and have received a HUGE number of people signed up to get involved in our advocacy efforts. Way to go to the volunteers who’ve helped in these efforts!

Image from Rosalyn Hisle & Laviona Lampkin, volunteers at the fair. 

Image from Rosalyn Hisle & Laviona Lampkin, volunteers at the fair. 

There are a LOT of great things going on this week, including Tiny Home tours, documentary screenings, workshops on legally living tiny, opportunities for political change and influence, and applying for FUNDING money for affordable housing advocacy efforts. 

This Saturday, September 24th, the workshop series, Legally Living Tiny in LA, will continue from 1 pm – 3 pm in Culver City (exact venue to be announced soon). SPECIAL GUESTS: Alexis & Christian from Tiny House Expedition! They are in the process of producing the Living Tiny Legally documentary series, but will be attending the event and be available for Q&A! Our next Tiny Advocacy Network meeting will follow the workshop event, 3 pm – 4 pm on Saturday, September 24th. Please do all you can to come out!

Follow their journey on Instagram: @tiny_house_expedition

Follow their journey on Instagram: @tiny_house_expedition

If you cannot make it to Saturday’s workshop, there is another chance to meet Alexis and Christian (and you really should meet them, they are awesome!). On Sunday, September 25th, we will be hosted by Netty Chow to watch the screening of Living Tiny Legally in her home theater in Buena Park (near Knott’s Berry Farm). And guess what? They are bringing their home for a Tiny House tour! You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to learn and connect with support networks to make change happen.

(Note - both events on the 24th and 25th may be filmed by Alexis & Christian for their upcoming documentaries). 

We have a major opportunity to secure funding for Tiny House advocacy efforts, for opening up a Tiny House co-building workspace, and for purchasing land for developing Tiny House communities through the LA2050 grant! LATCH Collective & Makes a Village need your help creating a promotional video that can be used for a grant application. Please take 10 minutes of your time to pull up your iPhones video recorder, put that iPhone down on a stable location and using the front camera, record yourself saying why you think tiny homes are needed in LA, why you want to live tiny, and/or why you want to build your own tiny home. Recordings should be no more than 30 seconds. Send the video to shainatessalivetiny@gmail.com by Friday September 24th .

ast we heard, LA City Council was discussing the new second unit ordinance during their meeting on the 13th. Well, Council was still undecided on the 13th and are once more going to propose changes to the new second unit ordinance tomorrow, September 20th. Once again, we have the chance to get involved in the conversation with our elected officials and show our SUPPORT for affordable housing options like second dwelling units. We want to ask them to keep coming up with solutions like this, and to consider Tiny Homes on Wheels as secondary dwelling units.  We need to find out which council members are open to/interested in the idea of Tiny Homes.There will be a policy maker workshop for elected officials and municipal staff on September 30th in Ventura – “Rebuilding the American Dream: The Changing Focus of Housing Needs” where they will present Tiny House communities as a way to increase affordable housing needs. We would really benefit from having LA representatives there! Email the name of any interested councilor, planner or other municipal staff member to Vina Lustado – vina@solhausdesign.com who will send them an invitation.

The City Council meeting is tomorrow at 10 am if you can attend. If you cannot attend, please reach out to an elected official by email. Here is a list of council people and their emails.  
To figure out which elected district of the city you’re located in, click here.

Even if you don’t live in the City of LA, start the second dwelling unit/tiny home conversation with your elected official. We can spread the word to them about the Policy Makers workshop!

Thank you for reading! Hope to see you soon!

Teresa Baker