23 Aug 2016

Hello, Tiny House Enthusiasts!!

Thank you for making it out to one of our recent meetups on Legally Living Tiny in LA. You can now access parts 1 and 2 of the (ever-improving) resource online here under "Resources." Please RSVP for our coming workshops through Meetup.

During our last meetup on Saturday August 20th, we launched the Tiny Advocacy Network for LA! This is a subgroup within the Los Angeles Tiny Houses Community, which is focused on advocating for improved housing solutions within Los Angeles. TAN will work towards improving zoning bylaws and building codes.

While Los Angeles can seem like a daunting place to make changes, especially ones that promote the ideals that seem to go against the norm here, there is so much potential for hope and change if we connect with one another and to the existing networks in the area. There are a lot of us interested in tiny homes, and we can support each other and help push support for better options for legally living tiny. Once we get things rolling, municipalities can learn from and be encouraged by each other. Let's be encouraged and get others on board to why tiny houses are a viable housing option. 

Using the spreadsheet with which you signed in during our meetups, I've created a master spreadsheet for all things Tiny Advocacy! Please, please take 3 minutes to review this document. You can access it here. Some things to note...

  • This is a live document. Any changes you make are immediately seen by everyone. There is no need to save the document - it saves automatically. 
  • The 1st sheet has your names and contact information. If you do not want this to be seen by others in the group, please delete your information. It will not be sent to others outside the Tiny Advocacy Network.
  • The 1st sheet also has opportunities for you to put an X near advocacy opportunities that interest you.
  • The 2nd sheet is for you to share any contacts you think would be helpful to the community.
  • The "city boundary" sheet helps you understand boundaries within the County.
  • The "STATE/COUNTY WIDE" sheet is a summary of relevant topics and event at the county and state level
  • The remaining sheets contain information specific to advocacy within each city of LA county. Here, you are able to update us with what is going on in your city. You are also able to see how you can get involved, as well as sign up for specific tasks. 

If you would rather not be a part of the Tiny House Advocacy mailing list, please respond to the email with "unsubscribe me." 

Take care and hope to see you soon!


Teresa Baker