24 Oct 2016

Hey, Tiny House Enthusiasts!

You've probably noticed that the national political candidates are not the only ones urging you to vote! This past Friday was the last day to collect signatures for the IRC Tiny Home Appendix, and thankfully the goal for 5,000 signatures was met and surpassed! On Sunday, key players in the tiny house & construction world came together at an International Code Council (ICC) hearing to present the Appendix, and it was approved for consideration! Now, regional ICC leaders across the country will vote on its acceptance. More info below on how we can voice our support to these leaders.

 Macy Miller speaking at the ICC hearing this past weekend.

 Macy Miller speaking at the ICC hearing this past weekend.

Locally, your support is needed in order to win the LA2050 challenge grant!!!!

his grant will be used to support LATCH Collective – a workshop space to co-build tiny homes, and for Makes A Village to buy land to start a tiny house village. There are TWO MORE DAYS to vote in the LA2050 challenge. We need to be in the top 10 to be considered, and are currently just outside of the top 10 (out of 70 in our category). If you have not already done so, -->  VOTE RIGHT NOW <-- !!!. Also, make sure to COMMENT beneath our project on the LA2050 page, as well as hit “recommend.” You can share the word on Facebook & Twitter! Tell your friends and family, and re-post these social media links to your own account or to tiny home groups!

Also….Let me take a moment re-introduce myself. My name is Teresa Baker – most call me Tessa, and I am now your new ATHA California State Chapter Leader for Los Angeles! The American Tiny House Association (ATHA) is a resource for tiny house enthusiasts, especially focused on advocating for increased options for living tiny. Dan Fitzpatrick, out of Fresno, and I will be representing California during monthly calls between all State Chapter leaders, learning about what’s happening across the country so we can bring this information to you. If you aren’t already a member of ATHA – consider joining. It is $10 a year, with proceeds going to national tiny house advocacy efforts. IF you are a member, there is an annual members meeting this Thursday, October 27th. Email bonnielee.cuevas@americantinyhouseassociation.org for information on how to get connected to the call.

This weekend some of us enjoyed an amazing Panel Discussion on Intentional Communities, as well as a productive Tiny Advocacy Network meeting. Welcome to our new friends from the discussion! Here are some notes from our TAN meeting…

  • We will be creating a SLACK page to encourage communication among LA Tiny House enthusiasts and advocates, with Sean Marquez as our I.T. guy! Keep your eyes on your email for its release.
  • In order to voice our support for the Tiny House Appendix to the IRC, we need to email the ICC regional leaders. ATHA has created an email template you can use for simplicity. Here are emails to  regional leaders you can contact:
  • We will use funds raised from the Design Share to organize a networking event. Further input and planning needed!
  • You, as network members, are encouraged to suggest and/or lead events for Tiny House enthusiasts in LA! Please be empowered to let your leadership shine – we will all support you in succeeding! Post to our Facebook Page or email LAtinyhousescommunity@gmail.com if you have an event idea.

A few more things…

That’s all for now! Cheers and here’s to enjoying the little things in life!

Tessa Baker
Tiny Advocacy Network
LATCH Collective Co-founder
ATHA State Chapter Leader

Teresa Baker