27 Sep 2016

Hello Tiny House Enthusiasts!

It was great to see many of you out at our Legally Living Tiny in LA workshop as well as our Documentary Screening & Tiny House Tour event! It was such a treat to have Alexis & Christian from Tiny House Expedition to share their knowledge with us.

If you haven't seen their documentary yet, please do give it a watch! It's a great source of knowledge and inspiration for how WE can actually make change doing what we are doing - advocating for more options for living tiny! If you would like to see the film and talk more with Alexis & Christian, head up to Ojai on October 1st for another screening and a panel discussion.

Also, remember that there is an important workshop on Friday, September 30th in Ventura County for municipal staff of SoCal (mainly elected officials and planners) interested in learning more about tiny homes in relation to municipal needs. Send the contact information of any municipal staff who you've started a conversation about tiny living with, or who you know might be interested in learning more about tiny houses, to Tracy.McAulay@ventura.org so that they can receive an invitation to the workshop

A huge part of making change is public support - we are striving to promote positive public perception of tiny living. We have an opportunity to just this on October 6th... Spread the word and invite your friends ....  to the Tiny House Design Share!

We will be partnering with Impact Hub LA to put on this event! Tickets can be purchased -> here <-  and admission is free for LATCH Collective members, so consider becoming a member with LATCH (you'd be paying the same price, so why not get the extra membership bonuses and support LATCH in opening its doors?) Please invite your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family. Consider putting up a poster. You don't have to want to live in a tiny home to appreciate the fun creativity that goes into a design! Also, please email me ASAP if you would like to present your design ideas! 

In the email version of this newsletter, there was a letter for asking for prize donations from businesses - help in seeking out prizes would be greatly appreciated! The funds from this event will go to helping US - the Tiny Advocacy Network! Profits will be put into LATCH Collective's pool for affordable housing advocacy efforts.

Impact Hub LA is hosting an event this Wednesday, September 28th at 6:30 pm focusing on affordable housing initiatives in LA: Co-Creating the Future of Our Cities: Homeless to Homebound. Tiny Homes will be represented in the conversation, and if anyone would like to come, please join!

Hopefully you're all inspired by the Living Tiny Legally documentary to make some real change in our communities. Remember to keep everyone in the loop about the conversations happening around the county by filling in notes under your municipality's tab in this Tiny Advocacy Network spreadsheet. If anyone does not feel comfortable entering in information to the spreadsheet, reply to this email with any information/updates/ideas  you have and they will be added to the spreadsheet for you.  

That's it for now!


PS: There were two attachments on the email version of the newsletter. 
1) Poster for design share you can print and/or post online to spread the word
2) Letter for donations

Teresa Baker