4 Sep 2016

Hello tiny house enthusiasts!

So great to see a good number at our workshop yesterday - loved the questions and queries. Thank for coming and contributing. You would probably like to be able to access the information shared --> here is a link <--to all three parts of the resource discussed during our workshops, found under "Resources". You can also find a link to the documentary "Living Tiny Legally" on that same page. 

As promised, --> here is the excel spreadsheet<--- used to stay in contact with others and to sign up for different opportunities to advocate for increased options for tiny houses in LA! A few things about this spreadsheet...

  • This is a live document. Any changes you make are immediately seen by everyone. There is no need to save the document - it saves automatically. 
  • The 1st sheet has your names and contact information. If you do not want this to be seen by others in the group, please delete your information. It will not be sent to others outside the Tiny Advocacy Network.
  • The 1st sheet also has opportunities for you to put an X near advocacy opportunities that interest you.
  • The 2nd sheet is for you to share any contacts you think would be helpful to the community.
  • The "city boundary" sheet helps you understand boundaries within the County.
  • The "STATE/COUNTY WIDE" sheet is a summary of relevant topics and event at the county and state level
  • The remaining sheets contain information specific to advocacy within each city of LA county. Here, you are able to update us with what is going on in your city. You are also able to see how you can get involved, as well as sign up for specific tasks.

Thanks for those who stayed for the TAN meeting! I've attached the document that was handed out, but here here's a quick recap...

1. AB2299 has passed in Senate and Assembly, yipee! You should tweet your thanks to our senators @barbaraboxer and @DianneFeinstein, and @ your representative (if you don't know who that is, find out here) .  A tweet could go something like this: " Feeling good about #grannyflat's in California! Good work @Barbara Boxer @DianneFeinstein @XavierBecerra. Maybe #THOW next? "

2.The City of LA has updated their 2nd dwelling unit ordinance - council has one more meeting on this on September 6th. If you live in the city of LA, tweet and/or email your council member telling them THANKS and GOOD WORK! If it is an email, throw in why you are supportive of reduced barriers for second dwelling units and how you hope we can expand this ordinance even more in the future to include a space for Tiny Homes on Wheels! Since they are still talking about 2nd dwelling units, its our chance to sneak into the conversation, even if change to include THOWs would come down the road. 

A sample tweet could look like this: " I support 2nd dwelling units in my neighborhood - thank you @Davideryu ! Maybe #THOW next? "

3. We need to show support for Measure M, and inform ourselves and our neighborhoods about its benefits. At about 9 cents per person per day, our entire experience of transit in LA, be it driving, bus, or trains, will be improved tremendously. On November 8th, vote #yesonmeasureM .

4. We can help promote positive public perception of tiny houses at the state fair! Makesavillage.org will be set up with a tiny house, and we are going to come out as a group to volunteer on both September 7th and September 8th. RSVP on Meetup. If you cannot make it these days, contact Kevin directly to ask to volunteer a different day- kevinpolk9@yahoo.comRSVP right now - Kevin needs our names by Monday night.   They will also be finishing the build on Tuesday the 8th, when the fair is done, so contact Kevin if you have any construction experience and would like to help out.

5. Tiny House Lab is putting on a workshop in Ojai Oct 1-2, but they will also be having an informational night for public officials on Tiny Homes on Fri September 30th 1-4 pm. Refer your counselor or anyone else you know to attend to learn more about the benefits of tiny homes to our communities. Email vina@solhausdesign.com

If you have any questions that we didn't get to during the meeting, or find more information on what we discussed at the workshop, don't hesitate to email me or give me a call whenever!

Thank you so much for your time!


Teresa Baker