5 Oct 2016

Hello, beautiful tiny house enthusiasts!

This will be the first newsletter for many, as we have a bunch of new additions to our Tiny Advocacy Network! 

Welcome newbies, feel free to introduce yourselves on our Facebook group , or better yet, come to one of our events and gain inspiration and knowledge from others in person! Speaking of events, have you got your tickets for tomorrow’s Design Share yet??

Thursday, October 6th  7pm @ Impact Hub LA

Thursday, October 6th
 7pm @ Impact Hub LA


This will an awesome night of snacks, sharing, inspiration, and community building! All ticket proceeds go into a new Tiny Advocacy Network fund set up by LATCH Collective, so this group is able to better advocate for more opportunities for tiny living in LA.  It’s also a great chance to promote a positive image of tiny homes to the wider public, but we need the public to know about our event in order for this to happen, so please share this event on your Facebook, Twitter, and email lists!!

There’s still time to sign up to share your design! This could be a verbal explanation, scanned sketch, 3D rendering, or just a print out. Let me know by noon on Thursday if you have a design to share. 

If you weren’t aware, LATCH Community memberships are now open for the taking! A monthly membership (only $10) allows you free access to LATCH related events, including the Design Share. You will also have access to the digital Tiny House Central Library, an online resource LATCH is curating as a community resource, which grows as you research! Community members can also feel great knowing they are helping to fund the first Tiny House Makers Space right here in their County

If membership costs are an issue, contact shainatessalivetiny@gmail.com for opportunities to pay through volunteering instead of by dollar!


Southern California has been BUZZING with tiny house activity this past week…

  • Impact HUB LA has agreed to partner with us so we can have a space for meetings and events, and they are an amazing resource, connected to people working with the idea of tiny homes in this City! Thank you Impact Hub! More on the work they’ve been up to soon!
  • Ventura hosted a workshop for municipal staff on the topic of tiny homes this past Friday, and had the folks at Tiny Lab, Tiny House Expedition, as well as Dan Fitzpatrick to promote the benefits of tiny houses within municipalities. The crowd was engaged and asking great questions. We can safely bet that this will catalyze change in the Ventura area, and that this change has potential to get things rolling in the LA area!
  • An awesome conversation took place between Eli Lipman and city planning staff the City of LA, on minimum size requirements for primary dwelling units in the city. Basically, there are none! As long as the code requirements for room size are followed, there are no minimums on square footage for dwelling units. There is a minimum at the County level of 800 square feet which affects unincorporated areas and likely is adopted by many municipalities. We encourage you to #starttheconversation with your city planner(s) to find out the minimums in your municipality!
  • Tiny Enthusiast Ricky Brown started the conversation with planners and municipal staff in Santa Clarita, great work, Ricky! Their City Manager has contacted us and let us know that they are organizing a staff meeting to talk about tiny homes, and want to meet with us to talk more, and considering the possibility of tiny home communities in Santa Clarita if they can understand better the requirements for making it work! If this doesn’t encourage you to#starttheconversation, you’ve gotta let me know why not!
  • Tumbleweed Tiny Homes put on a workshop in Culver City this past weekend which was very well attended, and I was able to make an appearance and get new tiny enthusiasts connected to our network who didn’t know about our social media groups previously. Hello to everyone who attended this workshop and is now on our mailing list! Make sure to invite tiny house enthusiasts you meet to join our social media pages, and encourage them to sign up for this newsletter. 
  • Governor Jerry Brown signed on September 27th to reduce barriers when developing an accessory dwelling unit in California, which will take place in January. This Senate Bill 1069 eases regulatory burdens by eliminating all setbacks for existing units as long as the building is deemed safe, eliminated, covered parking requirements for the primary structure as long as some parking is provided for secondary unit, and limits fees for connecting the second unit to water and sewer lines!
  • We had Alexis & Christian from Tiny House Expedition here all week, and they even did some filming. Hopefully we can keep promoting options for legally living tiny and can be a success story for part 2or 3 of their documentary! #tinyhousegoals If you haven't already done so, donate to their cause - their passion project is really helping us create opportunities for legally living tiny!!

And, a call to action to our network! Last week, Impact Hub LA hosted a co-creation talk on homelessness, challenging organizations across the City do something for National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week, November 12-20th. I will bring this challenge to our network -  What can WE do to bring light to issues of housing affordability and homelessness in LA? Think up some ideas, and share them by email or at our next Tiny Advocacy Network meeting,  October 22nd at 4 pm. This date (Oct 22nd) will also be the date of a Panel Discussion on Intentional Communities. We will have the dreamers and do-ers who are working to start tiny home communities share their ideas, struggles, and successes, and encourage anyone who has considered or dreamed of living in an intentional tiny house community to attend, share their ideas, and ask questions!


ONE MORE THING - did you know that a children's book on tiny houses is ALMOST about to be published? You can pre-order a copy of The Big Adventures of Tiny House so that they meet their $$ requirement for publishing! It's an AWESOME, interactive book.

Remember to share your research and findings on our Tiny Advocacy Network Spreadsheet. For our newcomers, please add your name and details to this spreadsheet, and remember this is a live document. Check out the tabs and the bottom and find your municipality.

 Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon!

Tessa Baker
Tiny Advocacy Network  
LATCH Collective Co-founder
American Tiny House Association State Chapter Leader

Teresa Baker