6 Nov 2016

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

Many of you may have heard the exciting news out of Kansas City last weekend. The International Code Council (ICC) met to vote on the addition of a Tiny House Appendix to the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC), and a power team of tiny house advocates presented to the council. The vote was a success in favor of considering the Tiny House Appendix! Now, regional ICC members across the US will vote on the inclusion of this Appendix. This is where you come in! We need everyone to let their regional ICC member know that this appendix is beneficial and desired! This is a huge opportunity for increasing the options of legally living tiny. You can read this guide on how to contact your voting member. It is easy, as a draft email is ready for you – but you could also give a personal touch by giving them a call. We only have a few weeks before the voting takes place, so please take 5 minutes and do this right away! For the City of LA voting member contact victor.cuevas@lacity.org. For the Long Beach voting member, contact truong.huynh@longbeach.gov.

If you are a tiny house enthusiast and are interested in learning skills necessary to build your own tiny house, or are interested in starting your own build in the near future, you really should attend the LATCH Collective Q & A this Wednesday, November 13th! Learn what LATCH Collective (Los Angeles Tiny Co-build Haven) is up to and how they could help you achieve your DIY dreams. The Q & A is at 6:30 pm, with members will be meeting at 7 pm (anyone welcome to listen in on this meeting.).  

Our next Tiny Advocacy Network meeting is happening on Sunday, November 13th over lunch, at Pho legend noodle & grill - 209 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles.  Join in for a conversation on what’s new in the LA area (and beyond) for tiny house living. We will continue to develop tangible actions we can take to improve access to alternative housing solutions!

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Our meeting will take place following a tour of the LA Eco Village that morning, led by Lois Arkin. If you'd like to attend, please email Lois Arkincrsp@igc.org and reserve your spot. There is a limited number of spots available on the tour, so only by emailing her will you be able to confirm your space on the tour. If you’re a LATCH member or attended the Panel Discussion on Intentional Communities, please let Lois know in the email, and your tour will be complementary. Regular tour cost is $10. For a description of the tour, visit here.

November 8th is around the corner! You likely do not need a reminder to vote this Tuesday, but perhaps you’re still deciding your stance on the many ballot measures. Many of our Tiny House Advocates support Measure M for LA County, which will be a game changer for improving transit efficiency by generating infrastructure funding for buses, bicycles, personal vehicles, and trains. For more information on Measure M, visit here.

One more thing! Are you on our Slack page yet? Join in to keep up with organized posts on tiny house related conversations! Password is Pineapple. 

Remember to update your information on our TAN spreadsheet.

Teresa Baker