Los Angeles Tiny Cobuilt Homes Collective

We are a network of diverse individuals who share resources, skills, and an interest in alternative housing solutions and DIY projects.

We come from all age ranges, professions, and parts of this world. Interests range from affordable housing advocacy, custom furniture design, and becoming the next big tiny house building company, but generally everyone is interested in sharing our skills/experience with each other and learning more about the tiny house movement, as well as how to design, build and locate a tiny house. 

LATCH Collective is cooperatively owned and managed.

Member Owners

Teresa Baker is the Co-Founder & President of the Board of Directors for LATCH Collective, as well as a State Chapter Leader with the American Tiny House Association and builder of her own DIY tiny house - the Bakon Box. Her wife Shaina and pitbull Waffles are really excited to finish their build and start tiny house living, after years of planning and then building. Teresa has a background in urban planning, is trained in carpentry, builds affordable housing as a crew leader for Habitat for Humanity, and has a passion for teaching and community building.

Kim Knabel is on the Board of Directors for LATCH, as well as the “Team Tools” lead. In addition to LATCH, Kim loves anything involving water or animals. She was born and raised, in sunny Orlando Florida. In 2009, the University of Southern California attracted Kim to LA, where she earned her B.S. in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science. Going on to pursue her Masters in Urban Planning, she focused on sustainability, particularly through alternative housing.

Although working as an Environmental Advisor at SoCalGas keeps her busy, she fills her weekends with DIY projects and retrofitting her “Scuttlebus” into a motorhome! Although Kim is still growing her confidence as a builder, she loves discussing tools and sharing what she’s learned with fellow DIY enthusiasts!

Marjorie Alexander is an environmentalist, podcast producer and tiny house enthusiast living in LA. She’s dreamt of building her own home since childhood and upon moving to LA she knew the only way she would ever be able to own a home was to make that dream a reality. She has designed a dozen structures over the years including container homes, tiny homes, and converted vans, primarily using SketchUp, but has yet to start on her own project. Marjorie's building experience started in childhood as construction was one of the family businesses and she went on to work in construction for just one year when she was “between gigs”, building two local restaurants in Los Angeles as part of a 6-person crew. Marjorie has no technical construction education, just on-site experience and a love for the details.

Gabbie M-Ibarra is a 5th grade teacher and recently completed her Masters in Educational Technology and Media Leadership from CSULB. She is passionate about camper van conversions, tiny houses on foundation, and empowering people through education and advocacy.

Shaina Thompson is proud to be Teresa’s business and life partner, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for LATCH Collective. Shaina served for seven years as a Personnel Officer in the United States Air Force, and throughout many different housing situations, gained an appreciation for minimalism and how our physical environments impact our mental spaces. She is passionate about living authentically, while striving towards reducing her impacts on the environment. Follow the progress of Teresa and Shaina’s build on Instagram.

Isabelle Larue currently serves on the Board of Directors for LATCH Collective. She has more moves under her belt than she can count on her fingers and toes. It was thanks to downsizing into a 450 ft studio apartment in NYC that she began sharing her clever and practical small space designs on her YouTube channel Engineer Your Space, now with over 23 million views. Where others see limitations, Isabelle sees the possibilities of living tiny: no matter the size or how uninspiring the space may be, her passion is sharing her knowledge and design process so others can also create beautiful timeless interiors and outdoor spaces that are the perfect blend of form and function for the way they live.

Priscilla Parra, current General Service Director for LATCH Collective, has an educational background in psychology and experience in diverse and multicultural social services. Her experience includes working with at-risk youth, adults with disabilities, youth in El Salvador with the Peace Corps, youth in America with AmeriCorps, and as a substitute teacher with students in special education and dual-immersion. Her interest in minimalism and living tiny was sparked by her experience in the Peace Corps, which has naturally led to an interest in living a low-waste lifestyle. Priscilla has started her low-waste lifestyle transition and looks forward to sharing and discussing what she has learned thus far.

Steven Mejia is the creator of LivingTinyinLA.com, and the Treasurer of the Board of Directors for LATCH Collective. He self-built his own mega tiny house aka theBigCasita where he lives with his wife and son. He also has this obsession with price-hacking to save money on almost everything and enjoys teaching others to get the biggest bang for their buck.

Tony Shogren is a professional musician by trade, spending his free time geeking out on tiny homes. Tony has purchased his trailer and officially started his own tiny house building journey! He is self-taught; his first experience in alternative building techniques was when he redesigned an artist loft into a living space with a functional professional recording studio. Tony is excited to share what he has learned with other tiny house and DIY enthusiasts, and to help people release their fears and hesitations by equipping themselves with the basic knowledge, just like he has done!

Caleb Quezada is an architectural drafter/ designer, originally from Miami. He moved to LA shortly after discovering LATCH and is the first DIY builder to complete their build with our Collective. Check out his micro wood cabin, and what he’s up to on Instagram.

Mercedes Crawford is a Service Coordinator for a non-profit organization with a mission to transform the lives of formally homeless individuals by connecting them with supportive services and a affordable safe living space as they begin reintergrating into the larger society. Mercedes has a Bachelor's Degree from UCLA in Ethnic Women's Studies with an emphasis in Psychology , an Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education, and a Master Teacher permit.

Mercedes began her organizing journey 5 years ago when she discovered she was a Tiny House Enthusiast with a passion for sustainability. She wants to share her "average jane" perspective about the space vs stuff relation and how she is currently negotiating that concept in a 200 square foot micro loft with a small child, dog and DIY crafting hobbies. Be on the look out at the end of the year she hopes to blog about her tiny living journey and transition from a low-key hoarder to simplied living at davinelife.org.

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Like any project involving building, being in or near a tiny house under construction, after its completion or during transport, poses a risk. The authors, Professionals and Sponsors advise readers to take full responsibility for their safety as well as the quality to which they build. Before participating in a build, be sure that you wear proper safety equipment, and do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training, and comfort level.