Who are we?

We are a collective network of diverse individuals who share resources, skills, and an interest in alternative housing solutions and DIY projects. 

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Both business and life partners, Teresa Baker & Shaina Thompson are the founders of LATCH Collective.  We started LATCH Collective in July of 2016 to meet the needs of novice do-it-yourself tiny house builders, which included us! Our tool belt is equipped with skills and knowledge in areas such as management, zoning, policy, community development, carpentry, compassion, and collaboration. Passionate tiny house advocates and DIYers, we live every day building a strong Community of Learners and Network of Professionals while building our own tiny home. 

Community of Learners


We are a diverse collective of over 40 Learners coming from all age ranges, professions, and parts of this world. Interests range from affordable housing advocacy to custom furniture design to becoming the next big tiny house building company, but generally everyone is interested in sharing our skills and learning more about the tiny house movement, and how to design, build and locate a tiny house. 


You can get to know us through social media, or at one of our events, but the best way to get to know us is by joining the community !  

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Professional Network

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Vina Lustado designs beautiful tiny homes, and lives in one too!

tiny house architecture and design, • Specializing in efficiency &  sustainability. 

Education, credentials
BA Architecture from USC , Founder of Sol HAus Design, 


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Maegan has years of contracting and construction experience, and is now building tiny homes!

Professional tiny house building, wood framing, solar technology

Education, credentials
B License Contractor with 6 years solar experience


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Steve builds affordable, energy efficient factory-built tiny homes!

Energy Star homes, Green, Affordable home building, low income energy efficient Housing, Solar Power, Wind, Solar Thermal, Age-In-Place Technology, Universal Design Senior Housing

Education, Credentials
Natural resource management, real estate, 12 years at modular lifestyles



Isabelle can help you design efficient interior spaces!

Over a decade of designing and building projects and engineering spaces to make them more functional and beautiful

Education, Credentials
Building Engineer, Interior Designer




Kevin can help you build healthy, energy efficient homes!

Green building, passive solar design,  energy efficiency, heating, LEED standards, shells, building envelopes, multi-family homes.

Education, Credentials
Recognition as LEED rater,  Adjunct professor at LA Trade Tech College, Super Proctor/Trainer, Shell Specialist,  California HERS Compliance and Whole House Home Energy Rater, National Comfort Institute CO Analyst, Contributing Editor Home Energy Magazine, Build it Green Rater, GreenPoint Rater,  Certified BPI.



Hire Frank as your handyman, painter or custom furniture maker!

Wood working, furniture making, painting, home repairs.

Education, Credentials
Mostly self-taught, post secondary wood work training.

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Hire Henry to design your zen home!

Skills, Experiences, Areas of Knowledge
Architecture and interior design, especially focused in minimalism, reductionist, and zen concepts. 

Education, Credentials
5 year B. Arch from Cal Poly Pomona.
5 years of working experience in architecture and interior design both within the USA and abroad with a specialty in small and efficient spaces.

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